In conjunction with the Decew Gun Club and the NPPC we held yet another sucessful "Shoot for Abbi" on July 14, 2019. A charity shoot for Abbi Monaghan, a 15 year old St. Catharines girl, living with Cystinosis, a rare, incurable disease that slowly destroys the organs in the body. Abbi is the only known case in the Niagara Region and our purpose was to raise funds on Abbi’s behalf for Cystinosis research because a large percentage of money for research comes directly from donations and fundraisers. A total of $15,684.07 was raised in 2019, a 38.54% increase over the previous year.


For the low price of $20 each person got a practice target, a competition target, lunch and a raffle ticket. Guests were also able to fire different kinds of exotic guns for a small fee. The shoot was open to everyone in the community (adults and children alike) and no shooting experience was necessary. We had many great volunteers manning the firing line, providing a very professional and safe shooting line. There was no charge for spectators.


In the four years we have been hosting this event we have raised over $41,300 for Cystinosis Reasearch and 100% of the

money raised has been donated to “The Canadian Cystinosis Research Foundation” to fund ongoing research for a cure.


Thank you to everyone who helped make the “Shoot for Abbi” charity event such a huge success, raising over $15,000 for Cystinosis Research. Many thanks are in order because the success of this event would never have been the success it was unless there were many hands on deck, especially behind the scenes.


Thank you to the volunteers of Destination Church who drove this event from day one, doing all the mundane tasks required to make an event like this run so smoothly, participating in every aspect of this event, from organization to completion, from running the registration booth to the food tent to parking and traffic control.


The professional promotional videos done by MOS Productions found on our Youtube Channel helped promote the event and the positive media coverage brought awareness of and the need to combat this little known disease.


Thank you to Cogeco for producing an informative video to raise awareness.


Special thanks to the executive of the Decew Gun Club for hosting the event and donating the food. Thanks to the members of the club and also members of the NPPC who helped in so many ways, from parking cars to helping with the shooting line, to helping with set up and tear down and scoring targets as well as all their generous donations.


In closing we would like to thank all the other unsung heroes of the day. We had so many donations for door prizes that we couldn’t raffle them off fast enough. We literally had to give them away towards the end of the shoot. Thank you to all of you who made cash donations, donated prizes, contributed ammunition and most importantly, your time. A big thank you to those who worked parking control, a thankless job standing outside in the heat, making sure traffic flow and parking challenges were dealt with professionally.


For those of you that we haven't mentioned or may have forgot about, please forgive us. It is not our intention to forget about or minimize anyone's contributions or donations. Please know from the bottom of our hearts, Abbi's family and the team at Destination Church thank you, whether it be your time, effort, contributions or donations. Thank you for making this a successful team effort.


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