Desicions, Decisions

In the fast paced world in which we live, we are very often guilty of rushing through life, making decisions wihtout first pausing to reflect on the potentioal impact of our decisions. This can be evidenced by the statement "if I had to do it all over again I would............" All of us have said this at one time or another regarding a certain course of action we would have taken.

  The reason that most people have heard themselves utter that statement is that they've embarked on a certain course of action, whether it be relational, professional or any other avenue of life without first weighing the pros and cons of their decisions. This is why our generation has the highest rate of things like bankruptcy, divorce, relational alienation and suicide. Very often it is only after we experience negative consequences do we really begin to comprehend that the consequences are a result of those very decisions we so readily made in the first place. Sometimes we can’t even make the connection that the things happening in our life are related to past decisions and actions.

    Upon further examination we readily declare. "I won't do that again". For every decision a person makes there will be a consequence. Some will be immediate and visible, while other decisions will seemingly appear to have no consequences because they are delayed. Even procrastination, which in itself, is a decision, has consequences because it is a decision not to act.

    This bring us to the most important decision we can make, which has farther reaching and longer lasting consequences than any other decision we will be faced with in the course of a lifetime. The right decision has blessings attached to it beyond human comprehension. The wrong decision or indecision produces consequences that no human being in a right frame of mind would choose for himself or herself. What is this decision?

   It is the choice that every human being has to make regarding Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The decision determines an individual's eternal destiny. Jesus said these words... "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life: no man comes to the Father, but through Me". In other words He stated that He is the only way to get to heaven. Narrow minded? Maybe so but it doesn’t change the fact this is what Jesus claimed about himself. The decision that has to be made is whether to believe or disbelieve His words.

   In the world we live in there are many different religions with many different beliefs about how to get to heaven. Most people are sincere in their beliefs but you can be sincere & wrong. Can all these belief systems be valid? Not according to Jesus Christ. He said He is The Only Way, not one of many ways.

    Many religious leaders will readily acknowledge that Jesus Christ was a good teacher or a prophet yet deny that He is the Son of God, but upon further examination this line of reasoning is flawed for a number of reasons. C.S. Lewis put the whole issue in proper perspective when he said that there were only three possibilities regarding Jesus; That He was Liar, Lunatic or Lord. If He lied when He made that statement He can't be a good teacher. No one would consider a liar a good teacher, which only leaves the other two possible scenarios. The first being that He was a lunatic. Only a lunatic walks around saying he is God unless... He actually is God.

    Jesus presented us with sufficient information to make a decision about His divinity. The Bible tells us that the Christian Faith can stand up to scrutiny. It says that the resurrection was not done in a corner but out in the open. Please take the time to examine the facts and make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Your eternal destiny depends on it.

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